Envelopes by Harriet Russell


I love reading books about letter writing and mail. One of my favorites is Envelopes by Harriet Russell.

Harriet started with sending herself mail in 1998 living in Glasgow as an art student who was  surprised that mail still can be delivered, even when the address is miss-spelled. At first Harriet wrote the address of her house backwards or miss-spelled. Later, she ‘wrote’ her address more difficult like a word-searcher or draw a map of the area where she lived. Living in Glasgow, she had sent 130 envelopes to her self.  And 12o envelopes were delivered back to her!

Connect the dots

In the book Envelopes are 84 envelopes dat Harriet has sent out. Each one is like a little piece of art and each one is more creative than the next one!


Want to know more about Harriet Russell and her amazing project? Visit one of her websites: http://harrietrussell.blogspot.nl/ or http://www.harrietrussell.co.uk/


Stamp it


Some of my favorite material that I often use while I’m making snailmail, are rubber stamps. Especially when they have a mail theme! The stamps on this photo are from Hema. Since some time they sell some very cute snailmail things! The stamp on the left upper corner was a selfmade address stamp. I thought why not write a nice text instead of my address?

Christmas stamps 2013

Every year PostNL releases special stamps for Christmas mail inside the country. This year children book illustrator Sieb Posthuma has designed the stamps. This time there are 20 different stamps. All these stamps together tell one story. But also every stamp is a little story on it’s own. A very nice idea, since the last couple of year there were just 10 different stamps in one theme. Sieb Posthuma tries to create a happy colorful world that show the typical Dutch  Christmas feeling.

The stamps had a value of 55 cent and can be used for (Christmas) mail with a maximum weight of 50 gram. The stamps can be used between 19 November 2013 and 6 Januari 2014.

Hopefully I will be able to collect all 20 stamps via the mail!

Christmas stamps 2013