Mirror, mirror in my hand

who gets the most mail in the land?  When I saw this cure hand mirror, I had to have it. Isn’t it cute?




Letter writing day

Every now and then I’m having a letter writing day. A whole day of writing letters and postcards, making envelops, and being creative with mail. Today I’m having such day with one of my friends who also loves mail. And as you can see on the picture: I’m ready to write. So dear penfriends of mine: keep an eye on your mailbox!


Tomorrow I will show you the result of this day full of writing letters!

PostpapierEnzo winactie

Leuke website met veel inspiratie!


Speciaal voor de Postfabriek heeft Anita van PostpapierEnzo weer een heel leuk winpakket samengesteld wat wij mogen weggeven!


Wat kun je winnen?

In dit leuke pakket zit het volgende:

Zelf mochten we het winpakket ook ontvangen om uit te proberen en er is echt heel veel leuks mee te maken! Wat wij gemaakt hebben, laten we zien wanneer we de winnaar bekend maken.

Hoe kun je winnen?

Het winnen van dit leuke pakket kan heel simpel! Laat een reactie achter op dit blogje om te laten weten dat je mee doet en hoe! Voor elk van de volgende acties stoppen…

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Keeping track of your mail

When you often sent and receive letters, cards and other nice mail, it’s a good idea to write down when you’ve sent or received mail. There are many ways to do this. In the couple of years that I’m a letter writer, I’ve tried several methods to keep track of my mail. At first I wrote everything down in a notebook. On the left page I wrote down the name of my pen friend and the date when I had sent my letter. On the right page I did the same, but then for incoming mail. Soon I found out that this wasn’t a good way for me. Then I made, on the computer, a nice schedule where I wrote down the date when I had sent mail, to who I sent mail and what I had sent beside the letter. For incoming mail I did the same. Plus I wrote down when I had answered the letter. This system worked very well for me. But then a friend of mine, who also writes letters, told me about her method about keeping track of her mail. She has a special year-agenda where she writes everything down. I immediate thought that is a good idea! In one of my favorite budget stores I bought a lovely agenda for 2014 for only 99 cents. Not only I can keep track of my incoming and outgoing mail, there is also space for the addresses of my dear friends, their birthdays and other specials days! Let’s see if this way of keeping track of my mail is a good way for me!


How do you keep track of your mail?