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Keeping track of your mail

When you often sent and receive letters, cards and other nice mail, it’s a good idea to write down when you’ve sent or received mail. There are many ways to do this. In the couple of years that I’m a letter writer, I’ve tried several methods to keep track of my mail. At first I wrote everything down in a notebook. On the left page I wrote down the name of my pen friend and the date when I had sent my letter. On the right page I did the same, but then for incoming mail. Soon I found out that this wasn’t a good way for me. Then I made, on the computer, a nice schedule where I wrote down the date when I had sent mail, to who I sent mail and what I had sent beside the letter. For incoming mail I did the same. Plus I wrote down when I had answered the letter. This system worked very well for me. But then a friend of mine, who also writes letters, told me about her method about keeping track of her mail. She has a special year-agenda where she writes everything down. I immediate thought that is a good idea! In one of my favorite budget stores I bought a lovely agenda for 2014 for only 99 cents. Not only I can keep track of my incoming and outgoing mail, there is also space for the addresses of my dear friends, their birthdays and other specials days! Let’s see if this way of keeping track of my mail is a good way for me!


How do you keep track of your mail?


4 thoughts on “Keeping track of your mail

  1. I use a spreadsheet in my computer. Two, in fact: one for incoming mail and one for outgoing mail. I note if the mail arrives (but not when).

      • I have two sheets, one for received mail, one for sent mail. I write: date, name, country and sometimes the type of mail (letter, postcard, mail art…). In the sheet for received mail I mark when I have answered it. In the sheet for the the sent mail I mark when it has arrived (if the recipient let me know or publish it or answer…). Maybe it seems complex, but it’s really easy!

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