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Postcard Cafe

Tea and cards. A perfect combination if you ask me! The owner of Francobolli thought that as well.

Card cafe

Francobolli is a lovely Jugendstil coffee cafe in the city centre of Leiden where you not only can drink a nice cup of coffee (or tea), but also write a card!

Card cafe 2

On the walls of the cafe you can find lots of postcards that you can buy there and sent from the cafe. And on every table there lies a nice Francobolli pen, so that you can write the card while you’re enjoying  your cup of coffee. When you have written your card, you can also buy stamps in the cafe and they even will mail them out for you on a date that you want!

writing cards


card wall

I love this whole idea, so when I was in Leiden a while ago, I went to Francobolli!  As you can see on the pictures, you can find lovel postcards everywhere in the cafe. It’s very difficult te choose one card! It took me a while to choose some cards, because there are so many nice cards. To be honest: I  wanted them all!

Postcards everywhere

If you’re in Leiden, you really have to go there! You can find Francobolli at  Apothekersdijk 38 Leiden.



4 thoughts on “Postcard Cafe

  1. Wow, it seems a very good idea: sitting in a coffee and writing postcard is one of my ideals of “good life”. I bet that the stamps they sell are really nice!

    If I visit Leiden, I will go there of course!

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