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Who doesn’t like to find a nice postcard in the mailbox sent from a far away and exotic country? Too bad that not everybody who goes on a holiday sent a card to the people who stay at home. Luckily we have PostCrossing! When you join this site, you can request an address from a random fellow member. When you got the address, you read the profile from the PostCrosser, sent him/her a nice postcard (if possible one that matches the profile and whishes of the person that you sent your card to). On that card you write down your id code. The receiver goes to the website from PostCrossing and types in the id on the card. When your card is arrived, you will get a message from PostCrossing that you’re card has arrived. Most of the time you also get a little digital thank you note and then you will get a card from another random PostCrosser. You can’t choose the country or person that you will send or receive a card from.

On 14th July 2005 Paulo Magalhães started with PostCrossing, because he thought that he didn’t get any nice mail anymore. Since then there are more than 460,300 members living in 215 different countries!  At this moment, most members are living in Russia (11,3%), USA (10%) and China (9,4%). Since the beginning of this wonderful project, more than 20,720,219 cards have been sent! The most cards are sent from Germany (11,9%), USA (10,9%) and the Netherlands (9,9%)

I stared with PostCrossing in February 2009. The first card I had to send was to Finland. The card had traveled only 5 days! The first card I received came from the USA and had traveled 10 days before I found it in my mailbox. Ever since I’ve sent 579 cards and received more than 580 cards!

Want to know more or maybe you want to join? Take a look at www. Postcrossing.com!


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