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Label maker

When I saw this label maker at first, I was wondering do I really need it? When would I use it? For what would I use it? I didn’t had any good answers for these questions. But somehow I bought it with the thought, maybe I can use it in the further some time. Now that I have it, I can’t live without it anymore! Often use it for mail snail mail. Once I ‘printed’ the address with this label maker. Or I make small sentences with it. A couple of years ago, when I bought this label maker, you only could buy three colors of tape: red, blue and black. And now, you can buy them in many colors! As you can see, I have a small but colorful collection. My favorite is the pink one. Last week, when I was shopping, I saw in my favorite craft store that they sell beautiful tapes with prints. I’m afraid that I go back to that shop soon to expand my collection!



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