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Meeting my penpals

When you started writing letters to friends in far away countries, you never think that you would meet them in person. At least, that was what I thought. But it turns out to be a wrong thought! Ive met several of my dear penpals. And not only the once who are living in the same county as me! In fact, I’ve met some of my dear penpals in their home countries and I’ve welcomed some of my dear penpals in my home country.

Meeting a penpal in real live can be tricky. What if there is no click when you see each other? Will you keep on writing with that penpal then? Is your penpal really the person who she writes she is?

When one of my penpals wanted to meet, I wasn’t asking myself these questions and I wasn’t afraid that a meeting could be the end of the penpalling friendship. I thought it would be a wonderful experience and that it would lift up our penpalling to an other level and I was correct. Every time when I meet a penpal for the first time I’m always a bit nervous. Would we recognize each other? Will the language be a problem? What if we don’t have a thing to say to the other? So far, I had never any reason to be nervous. All of my penpals and I recognized each other immediately. From that moment, we keep on talking and talking. The language is never a problem at all and we have enough to talk about.

As you can read, I had very good experience with meeting my penpals and still write with them. I consider my penpals as good friends. And meet­ing them have giving our penpalling friendship an extra dimension! I’m hap­py that I’ve found such a wonderful girls with who I write wonderful letters with and with who I can share everything!


5 thoughts on “Meeting my penpals

  1. I’ve meet two penpals (and a postcrosser) so far and I’ve also had good experiences. I feel like meeting more of them, but sometimes it isn’t easy. But, who knows? 😀 Thanks for sharing your experiences.

  2. I have not met a penpal yet but I know that one of them is coming to my country in May! I think it is a great idea to meet up then, I hope she thinks about it the same way 🙂

    • From which country is the Penpal that you’re going to meet? Always When i meet a Penpal, i Always bring a little gift with me that is typical for my country. So most of the time i give Stroopwafels and a little souvenir like a keyring with wooden shoes. All of my penpals loved it!

  3. I’ve met several of my pen pals. I’ve had both good and bad experiences. I had been writing to this girl for years and when we first met, it went awful. She was like a completely different person from the letters. In other cases, the meeting made our friendship stronger.

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