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The language of the stamp

At the end of the 19th centaury a new language has developed: the language of the stamp! The language of the stamp finds its history in Germany. And soon it was spread all over Europe. But how does this language work? The way you put the stamp on the envelop means something. But not everybody knew the meaning of this language. But there is a solution for everything! Postcard publisher made special cards with the meaning of the stamp language! Mostly the hidden message was love-related. There was one big problem. Every country had its own language, so there were many love stories with an unhappy end, because the received didn’t know the meaning of the stamps. Another way to sent each other secret messages was to write something under the stamp. I wondering if people still use the secret language of the stamp or write a hidden message under the stamp!

Stamp language


2 thoughts on “The language of the stamp

  1. I have read about that. It existed also in Spain. But I think it’s very dangerous… how can you be sure the receiver knows the language?

    Also, in the beginning of mail, when the receiver was who paid the postage, poor people created a way to send the news on the envelope. So when the postman arrived they saw the envelope, learnt the news from the family (ill people, marriages…) by a few signs… And then said to the postman they had no money to pay the letter! 🙂

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