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DIY Card

One of my dear penfriends absolutely loves the painting The birth of Venus by Botticelli. So I made these two cards for her. I used an old art calendar and decorated the painting with glitter glue, tape and stickers. I had fun making these cards, so how knows, maybe I pimp some more paintings!




6 thoughts on “DIY Card

      • I’m not sure… I don’t know a lot about art, but I really enjoy visiting exhibitions. One painting I like a lot is “The Garden of Earthly Delights”, by Hieronymus Bosch. And, nothing to do: I think my favourite painter ever is Edward Hopper. I also love Jack Vettriano. Well, my tastes are eclectic 😀

        Sometimes I visit exhibitions without knowing a lot about the painter, and then I fell in love.
        By the way, you Leonardo-related mail looks terrific. It’s a good idea the mail with theme, that inspire me too.

    • Good to know that you like the ‘garden of earthly delight’! 😉

      That is always a good way to visit an exhibition: knowing nothing about the painter. In that way, I’ve discovered a lot of new painters!

      Thank you for your compliments on my Leonardo mail 🙂

    • Deze was van een kalender die nu geindigt is als stapel enveloppen 😉 Wel heb ik nog een boek over de Italiaanse renaissace dubbel die voor creatieve doeleinde gebruikt gaat worden. Dus als je nog een verzoekje hebt, kan ik kijken wat ik kan doen! 😉

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