A mailbox from London

During my last visit to London I saw this cute little statue of a mailbox. It’s perfect for my collection.

London mailbox


Letter sent from the Titanic

A couple of days ago there was a very special letter sold on an auction. This letter was written by the British Esther Hart while she was traveling with the Titanic. She wrote her letter a couple of hours before the ship sank. In her leter Esther wrote that the journey went well and that she would write back when they would arrive in the USA. The letter was found in the jacket that her husband gave her when is left the ship. Her husband didn’t surive. The letter was sold for €144.000







A chest full with letters

In all those years that I write letters, I’ve received many, many letters. But where do I keep them? At first I stored them in lots of dvd boxes from my favorite Swedish warehouse. But at one point, I didn’t had enough space to store all those boxes. I often told my parent that I would love to have a big old chest where I can store my letters. I find this idea very romantic and nostalgic. But where on earth can you find an old looking chest that isn’t that expensive. I can tell you, it’s difficult. But finally I found the perfect chest. As you can see, I can store a lot of letters there! All the letters that I’ve received over the year are in this box.

Letter box

Ltter box

Mail in the museum, part 4

One of my favorite places in the national open air museum Arnhem is Dingenliefde. In this exhibition room, you can find collections of people like me and you. This time there was a collection of piggybanks.  When I looked at them, I found a couple of piggybanks that are shaped like a mailbox! How nice is that. I would love to have a piggybank like that, so that I can safe some money to buy stamps and other things for letter writing!

Piggybank 1Piggybank 2