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Places to write letters

When I write letters, I sit down at my desk. In front of me, the letter that I’m answering and next to me writing paper and decoration materials like stickers and tape. But also I’ve an envelope and stamps on my desk. When I’m making a snailmail (and be more creative: making envelopes and things like ) I do that in my little studio.

But there are a lot more places to write letters then in your house! Some time I like to write letters outside the house. And no, I’m not talking about writing letters on a holiday. I mean, really outside, outside of your confortzone! Go in to the garden or the balconia when the weather is good. Or when you’re in a crazy mood, why not go to the park?!

When I was still a student, I often wrote my letters in the train for school to univeristy. Also I’ve been writing letters in the museum. For an artlover like me, there is no better place with inspiration then an artmusem! Or I wrote letters in the park on sunny days. Also I’ve written letters at my friends place (only with friens who are also maillovers!)

When you’re in an other  setting, your letters will be a bit different then when you’re writing at home. I think it gives an extra dimension  to writing letters!

Let me give you a list of out of the boxs places to write:

  • park
  • museum
  • zoo
  • cafe
  • waiting rooms
  • public transport

What is the most out of the box place where you have writing a letter?



4 thoughts on “Places to write letters

  1. I always gather my things on the diningtable and write my letters there. One day when I have my own appartment I want to have a nice room with a desk filled with all my favorite things!

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