Tante Jannies Postkamer

Tante Jannies Postkamer (Aunt Jannies Mailroom) is a Dutch initiative which  you can compare with PostCrossing. The only difference is that with Tante Jannies Postkamer you sent at least a handwritten  letter instead of a single postcard. But a lot of members sent each other little pieces of art and lost of gifts and goodies.

I’ve joined Tante Jannies Postkamer one time. I wrote a long letter en sent some buttons with it. I’ve never got a thank you e-mail back. Maybe she didn’t like my envelop or maybe it never arrived? Who knows? A couple of days later, I got an envelope sent my an other member. I received an envelop full with beautiful vintage things I can use for my art project and a very shore note (only 8 lines…). At that point I knew, Tante Jannies Postkamer is not for me. I prefer to kong letters and get to know each other rather then an envelop full of gifts. Don’t get me wrong, occasionally it’s nice to get an envelope like that.

Tante Jannie

If you just start with sending mail and you like to figure out what you want with the beautiful art of sending mail or you like to get surprise in the mail, Tante Jannies Postkamer is the place for you then!

For more information, you can go to www.tantejanniespostkamer.com


Mail from the past

As you all ready know, I love collecting things. Especially when it’s mail related like postcards. Since a couple of years I’m not only collecting postcards sent to me, but also postcards from the past. From the time that sending cards was a new thing. It’s not easy to find old postcards, especially when you like it when they are written and stamped. Luckily I’ve found a new place where I can buy them! So every now and then I go there and buy some ‘new’ cards for my collection. Last week I went to this place and I saw that they don’t only sell postcards, the also sell first day covers, envelopes, letters and other mail related paper things. Off course I couldn’t leave the shop with empty hands. So, here you can see what I bought.

mail from the past

Wax seal

Back in the days, kings and other high class people used was seals on their documents to protect their important information. With a seal, they prevent people reading the document. Since you have to break the seal, before you could read the document. Nowadays, wax seals are still used by governments. But they are also used by snail mailers! I think it’s a nice way to close the envelop, with using something else then tape. Also, it’s a nice way to decorate the envelope! There is only one danger using these was seals, and that is the fact that you have to use fire to make the seal. Luckily, none of my letter have caught fire while I was making a seal on the envelop!

Wax seal


Snailmail magazine for tablet and smartphone

For all the maillovers with a tablet or smartphone. A wonderfull magazine called Flow Magazine has made a digitial edition about mail! I thought you maillovers would like to read it? The magazine is in English. Here you can download it for free:http://www.flowmagazine.com/2014/05/12/new-digital-special-app-snail-mail/

I’ve downloaded the magazine and I love it! They also have an edition about things you can do with paper.

Do you like to read about mail? I love it!