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Tapes, part 3

As you could have read some time ago, I love to use all kinds of tape to decorate my letters and envelopes. But did you know that there are several kind of tapes?

The most common kind of tape is deco tape. It’s just like normal tape, but this kind of tape has a color or a print on it. Further it’s the same as normal tape. When I just started with letter writing, I always used this kind of tape. Now a days, I’m a big fan of paper tape (also called Washi tape). It’s looks a bit like deco tape with it’s colors and prints. But there is one big differens: you can easily tear of this tape and it’s removable! Also you can write on it. Three things you can’t do with deco tape. There is also fabric tape. It’s basically a ribbon with glue on the back.


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