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Where can I find the writing paper?

I love nice writing paper. It’s only so sad that it’s so hard to find these days. Often when I ask in s shop where I can find the stationary or writing paper, they look at me if I ask for something illegal! After explaining what im looking for, the first respond is: ‘Why won’t you just sent an e-mail? It’s much faster!’. Oh yes, e-mail is indeed faster, but not as much fun as real mail.

Luckily over the years I’ve found some shops where I can buy writing paper. Or when I’ve feeling creative, I’ll make my own writing paper (in the future I’ll write a blog about that). I’m wondering if you have the same experience when you’re looking for nice writing paper.

Here are some shopping tips for when you’re in the Netherlands, Belgium, the U.K or Italy!


  • Paperchase: in some big trainstations or in the Bijenkorf. (Only in the Netherlands. But they do have a webshop)
  • Zeeman: not always. Mostly they have Disney
  • Wibra: not always. Mostly Disnye and cupcakes
  • Boekenfestijn: look at the craft section


  • Paperchase: almost every city has at least one Paperchase shop. Also they have a webshop.
  • Art Box: located in London
  • W.S. Smith Book store: almost every city in the UK has at least one W.S. Smith bookstore
  • Selfridges: an amzing warehouse in London. Also sells Art Box


  • The 99 cent shops: I’m not sure every single shop sells it. I found some nice writing paper at the 99 cent shop that is very close to the Medici Chapel.


2 thoughts on “Where can I find the writing paper?

  1. True, searching for the writing paper is a real puzzle. Whenever I ask them in shops, I receive the very same look you described. All we can do though is to be creative! 🙂
    p.s. I like your blog, just came across it.


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