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The lady behind the letter

Dear reader and fellow mail lover,

Welcome in my wonderful world of letter writing and snailmail! On this blog you will find mail that I’ve sent to my dear friends all over the world. Also I will show you some wonderful mail related things that I  collect. Further I will show you the many things I use for letter writing and making snailmail. And I will show you where I find my inspiration for my letters.

But who am I? My name is Tessa,  a twenty-something girl from the Netherlands. In 2009 I found the wonderful world of letter writing. Ever since I’m in love with it. There is  nothing better than sit down and write a letter on nice writing paper with my favorite fountain pen. Decorating the letter and envelope with stickers, tape and other things. Bring the letter to the mailbox and waiting for the letter arrive. After the letter arrives the waiting for a letter in my mailbox begins.  And when I find a letter in the mailbox, I ran upstairs and sit down with a cup of tea and read the letter that I’ve received. And then the whole ritual of writing an answer begings.

I have wonderful friends all over the world with who I write letters with.  If you think that we would be good penpals, drop me a line and who knows?

Have fun reading my blog and don’t forget to sent a letter or card to a loved one! I know they will like it!




One thought on “The lady behind the letter

  1. Hi Tessa,

    I’m Joshua, from Puerto Rico. I’ve been looking for a Pen Pal some time now, and I just found your blog. I would love to begin snail mailing with you. Let me know how I may do it.

    Thanks a lot,


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