Summer break

As you may have noticed, I haven’t shared any mail stories with you fellow maillovers during the last couple of weeks.  This is because I’m having a sunmer break. The idea is to read books about mail (and share it with you all), find nice things that are mail realted and searching for new inspiration. I’ll be back somewhere next month.

Before I go on summer break, I want to share an amazing list that I found on the world wide web where you can see when you’re a stationary lover. A list with 27 signs:

Have a great summer with lot’s of sunshine and off coures, with a lot of mail. And don’t forget to sent a postcard or a letter to the people you love!


Tapes, part 3

As you could have read some time ago, I love to use all kinds of tape to decorate my letters and envelopes. But did you know that there are several kind of tapes?

The most common kind of tape is deco tape. It’s just like normal tape, but this kind of tape has a color or a print on it. Further it’s the same as normal tape. When I just started with letter writing, I always used this kind of tape. Now a days, I’m a big fan of paper tape (also called Washi tape). It’s looks a bit like deco tape with it’s colors and prints. But there is one big differens: you can easily tear of this tape and it’s removable! Also you can write on it. Three things you can’t do with deco tape. There is also fabric tape. It’s basically a ribbon with glue on the back.

Messages in a bottle

No, I’m not talking about the song by The Police. I’m talking about a real bottle that you can sent by mail!

Message in a bottle 1





A while ago I was in a museum and in the shop I found a plastic bottle with a blank sheet in it. I really like the whole idea of sending a letter in a bottle, so I bought one and sent it to myself since I didn’t knew if the bottle would survives the postal journey. And it did! After four days, the bottle and letter arrived in my mailbox in the same condition as I had sent!

Message in a bottle


Tante Jannies Postkamer

Tante Jannies Postkamer (Aunt Jannies Mailroom) is a Dutch initiative which  you can compare with PostCrossing. The only difference is that with Tante Jannies Postkamer you sent at least a handwritten  letter instead of a single postcard. But a lot of members sent each other little pieces of art and lost of gifts and goodies.

I’ve joined Tante Jannies Postkamer one time. I wrote a long letter en sent some buttons with it. I’ve never got a thank you e-mail back. Maybe she didn’t like my envelop or maybe it never arrived? Who knows? A couple of days later, I got an envelope sent my an other member. I received an envelop full with beautiful vintage things I can use for my art project and a very shore note (only 8 lines…). At that point I knew, Tante Jannies Postkamer is not for me. I prefer to kong letters and get to know each other rather then an envelop full of gifts. Don’t get me wrong, occasionally it’s nice to get an envelope like that.

Tante Jannie

If you just start with sending mail and you like to figure out what you want with the beautiful art of sending mail or you like to get surprise in the mail, Tante Jannies Postkamer is the place for you then!

For more information, you can go to

Pinterest and Instagram

Did you know that you can also follow my journey in the wonderfull world of mail on Pinterest or on Instagram?

Both places are wonderfull to find inspiration and mail made by other mailovers! And even on Instagram you can find penpals! When I search for inspiration in Pinterest, I mostly use the words mail-art, letter writing, snailmail, mail, stamps, brieven (Dutch word for letter), post.

Which words you can use the best on Instagram, I haven’t found out yet. So if you know any good searchwords for finding mail inspiration, please, do share it here!

Are you also on Pinterest or Instagram sharing your adventures in the wonderful world of sending mail?

Mail in the museum, part 5

A while a go, I wrote something about the national open air museum Arnhem and their collection of piggybanks (mail in the museum, part 4). In that same museum, they reconstruct an old post office. It was very lovely to see. One if the things I liked the most about it, was the machine that sells stamps! Too bad that we don’t have machines like that around here anymore! Also there was this amazing mailbox! Very different that the one we have now! I like the old mailbox more. What about you?

Stamp machineOld Mailbox