Wax seal

Back in the days, kings and other high class people used was seals on their documents to protect their important information. With a seal, they prevent people reading the document. Since you have to break the seal, before you could read the document. Nowadays, wax seals are still used by governments. But they are also used by snail mailers! I think it’s a nice way to close the envelop, with using something else then tape. Also, it’s a nice way to decorate the envelope! There is only one danger using these was seals, and that is the fact that you have to use fire to make the seal. Luckily, none of my letter have caught fire while I was making a seal on the envelop!

Wax seal



Snailmail magazine for tablet and smartphone

For all the maillovers with a tablet or smartphone. A wonderfull magazine called Flow Magazine has made a digitial edition about mail! I thought you maillovers would like to read it? The magazine is in English. Here you can download it for free:http://www.flowmagazine.com/2014/05/12/new-digital-special-app-snail-mail/

I’ve downloaded the magazine and I love it! They also have an edition about things you can do with paper.

Do you like to read about mail? I love it!

Pinterest and Instagram

Did you know that you can also follow my journey in the wonderfull world of mail on Pinterest or on Instagram?


Both places are wonderfull to find inspiration and mail made by other mailovers! And even on Instagram you can find penpals! When I search for inspiration in Pinterest, I mostly use the words mail-art, letter writing, snailmail, mail, stamps, brieven (Dutch word for letter), post.

Which words you can use the best on Instagram, I haven’t found out yet. So if you know any good searchwords for finding mail inspiration, please, do share it here!

Are you also on Pinterest or Instagram sharing your adventures in the wonderful world of sending mail?

Mail in the museum, part 5

A while a go, I wrote something about the national open air museum Arnhem and their collection of piggybanks (mail in the museum, part 4). In that same museum, they reconstruct an old post office. It was very lovely to see. One if the things I liked the most about it, was the machine that sells stamps! Too bad that we don’t have machines like that around here anymore! Also there was this amazing mailbox! Very different that the one we have now! I like the old mailbox more. What about you?

Stamp machineOld Mailbox

Lieve Engerd, de groetjes

When I was a little child, I often borrowed a book in the library a book called Lieve Engerd, de groetjes. A book for kids about writing letters. Not that I had penpals, but I loved the whole idea of writing letters. When I got older, I forgot about the book until a couple of years ago when I started with writing letters. It took me some time to remember the title of book. When I finally remembered the title, the quest to find to book began! It took me weeks to find the book. But when I found it, I was so happy!

In the five chapters the author takes you with him in the wonderful world of letter writing. The first chapter is about how to write a letter and with lots of handy tips. Chapter two is about difficult letters, like what to write to someone who is ill or how to write a penpal add. This chapter contains lots of example of the letters they are mentioned. The third chapter is the letter Abc and gives you more than 80 tips for funny and unusual letters. Chapter for is about the history of letter writing. Very nice to read. The final chapter is about the morse abc and stamp language. Through out the whole book are lots of funny drawings all related to writing letters.

Although it’s a book for children, it’s nice to read it after many years!