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Tips&tricks to write letters

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Inspired to write letters? Here are some tips and tricks for writing letters.

Let me first explain the difference between snailmail and letter writing. A lot of people think its the same, but it’s not. Snailmail is at the moment very popular. Snailmail means that you write a letter (mostly not a very long one) and sent lots of goodies with it. You can make the goodies or you can buy them. Also the envelop is decorated. A snailmail often has a theme, like everything in one color or cupcakes or what ever you like. Also with snailmail you often sent one snailmail, it’s one time thing between two people. In short: it’s a one time thing where the letter is inferior to the creative.

When it’s comes to letter writing, it’s all about the letter. You really get to know your penfriend. Its not a one time fling. Of course you can sent of goodies with the letter, but that’s not the main thing. Often people sent postcards, bookmarks or tea with the letter. Also you can decorate the letter and the envelop. But it’s not a must.

And of course you can combine snailmail and letter writing. I’m more letter writer then a snailmail girl, but sometimes it’s nice to make a snailmail for one of my dear friends.

Now you know the difference between letter writing and snailmail, it’s time to get started!

First of al you have to think what you want and expect from a future penpal: do you want to write long letters and get to know other people or do you want to be more creative and sent a snailmail, or maybe both? When you know what you want, you can look for penfriends. On the World Wide Web are lots of places to find penpals. Let me share you the sites I’ve used. In the beginning I often looked at http://www.lettersets.com or at the PostCrossing forum. Later I found some lovely penfriends in Facebook groups. But there are other ways. You can write a penpal add for your blog. Or post in your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or instantgram that you’re looking for penfriends.

Now that you know where to find penpals, it’s time to decide if you want to react on a penpal add or write on yourself. In the first vase: read the adds and sent an e-mail or message to the writer of the add that you think where you would make good penpals with. In this e-mail you tell your future penpal whe you want to be penpals with her/him.  Also tell them a bit more about yourself. Not too much, you still need things to write in your letters. It’s also a good idea to write down why you want to be penpals with her/him. And other thing you can write is that you would be more then happy to write the first letter.

Or you can write an add yourself! But what do you write in such an add? It’s a good idea to tell your future penpals your first name, your age and the country where you’re from.  Further you can write down what you do for a living or what you’r studying. Also write down some of your hobbies and interests. It’s also a good idea to write  down what you expect from a future penpal. And last but not least: don’t write too much information down or you don’t have nothing to write in the first letter!

After placing the add, you’ll sure get some reactions. Rember: you don’t have to accept them all to be your penpal! But how do you  choose? You can look at theire age, the country where they come from or the hobbies they have. But mostly, your feeling will tell you while you’re reading the email if you will be good penpals!

So, now you’re at the point to write the first letter, but what to write? First letters are always the hardest letters to write. Here are some tips for things you can write in the first letter:

  • Tell them you’re happy that you’re penpals now and that you’re looking forward to get to know your new penpal
  • Write about yourself: your job, your hobbies your pet, your family
  • Tell a bit about the city where you’re living of the country where you live
  • React on the penpal add/email/letter that was written by your new penpal
  • Also ask questions

Have fun writing!

Later I’ll up date this page wiht things you can write in future letters and things you can sent with your letters!

The two crazy old Ladies Alli and Fiffie from Inge Löök are also mail lovers



One thought on “Tips&tricks to write letters

  1. Thank you for these good tips for writing good letters and ads! I think there are plenty of people who should look at it once. When I place an add, there come lots of copy-paste emails or messages with just “hello how are you” in it. Well, I think you have to put a little bit more effort in wiritng, even in emails. So thank you for giving a good example! 🙂

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